Community Updates on COVID-19

Reframing Ramadan: How to Flourish While the Masjids are Closed

April 23, 2020Omar Husain and Osman Umarji 15 min read For additional resources on dealing with the Coronavirus, click here. On Friday, March 12, 2020, religious leaders and board members at masjids across the country made the excruciating decision to suspend the Friday (Jumuʿah) prayer due to the spread of COVID-19. This decision was not taken lightly but, after consultation with scholars and medical professionals, it was seen as absolutely necessary. The community had to face the reality that there would be no Jumuʿah prayer for some time. Now, nearly six weeks after the decision, Jumuʿah prayer continues to be suspended at the masjid, in addition to daily prayers, weekend

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Let This Ramadan Set Us Free

By Afeefa Syeed This Ramadan will truly be stripped of all the imposed ornamentals that sometimes weigh it down. No one to show up for, invite calendars to coordinate, or flamboyance of which stuffed iftar dates are the best (cream cheese and walnuts). It’ll be just the basics. Only the fundamentals. Led by your own heart and efforts. By your own sermons to yourself about what is truly relevant in your life. Your own discovery of a relationship with a Creator that asks to be Known. Approach it as a child does- with fresh curiosity, exploration and open hearted faith.

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