The Young Muslim Digital Space

By Sumaiya Zama The summer of 2019 saw the rapid rise of TikTok engagement around the world, particularly within the young Muslim digital space. Young hijabi content creators that posted their short videos were met with thousands of retweets on Muslim Twitter. Even the cringey “Imams at Jummah Khutbah” skits had a solid three months of […]

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Time At Home

By Zienab Fahs, CAIR Michigan Almost eight weeks ago, we were all wishing for the same two things: to make our responsibilities disappear, and to spend the entire day in pajamas. Well, only one of those wishes came true. As we collectively settle into this new norm, we can’t help but consider how to make […]

CAIR: Asian-Americans Need Solidarity, Not Bigotry

Times of crisis usually bring together people across our nation and around the world. Whether the crisis is a tsunami, an earthquake, an act of war, a space shuttle disaster, or a mass shooting, unexpected disasters can reveal the best of humanity.  We donate money. We deliver food and clothing. We provide shelter. We comfort […]

4 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media To Stay Afloat

The economic crisis sparked by COVID-19 poses a massive challenge for all businesses, but none more so than small businesses that lack a strategy to engage with their customers online. Indeed, twenty-four percent of small businesses don’t use social media platforms and those that do cite social media as the platform where they need the most help. Having […]

Force Majeure: What Does COVID-19 Mean For Broken Contracts?

The COVID- 19 pandemic has dramatically changed the rhythm of our daily lives. It has also placed a looming question mark over our future plans—especially for American individuals, families and businesses who signed contracts before the pandemic reached our shores.  For example, did your non-profit organization book a suite of hotel rooms in anticipation of […]