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CAIR scours the internet for breaking COVID-19 headlines to bring you the day’s most relevant and important news.

Just the Facts: COVID-19 News You Need To Know

April 6, 2020

By Robert S. McCaw, CAIR Director of Government Affairs Department

Every day CAIR scourers the internet sharing breaking COVID-19 headlines to highlight the day’s most relevant and interesting news:

Religion: Ramadan, Passover and Easter a Set to Become a Virtual Holiday Shared with Friends and Family Members

Nearing the Worst: Will the U.S. Death  Rate Peak in next 11 days?

Congress: Congress Begins to Build Consensus Between House and Senate on ‘Phase 4’ Relief With ‘More Money to Aid States, Cities and Small Businesses, Expand Unemployment Benefits and Another Round of Direct Cash Payments for Americans

States: The South is Poised for Disproportionate Virus Hotspots, While Hospitals Nationwide Face ‘Severe Shortages” of Medical Supplies

Search For a Cure: Patients Rush to Join Testing Drug for Coronavirus While New Test Approved to Tell if You are Immune

2020 Election: A Virtual Democratic Convention? While November Election Could Shift to Vote-By Mail?

Seasonal: Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci Says Likely Coronavirus Will Become Seasonal Like the Flu