Community Updates on COVID-19

The Young Muslim Digital Space

By Sumaiya Zama The summer of 2019 saw the rapid rise of TikTok engagement around the world, particularly within the young Muslim digital space. Young hijabi content creators that posted their short videos were met with thousands of retweets on Muslim Twitter. Even the cringey “Imams at Jummah Khutbah” skits had a solid three months of […]

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Your Time At Home

By Zienab Fahs, CAIR Michigan Almost eight weeks ago, we were all wishing for the same two things: to make our responsibilities disappear, and to spend the entire day in pajamas. Well, only one of those wishes came true. As we collectively settle into this new norm, we can’t help but consider how to make […]

How the FBI Questions American Muslims

COVID Cancellations, a new CAIR video series, explores the pending civil rights and civil liberties issues impacting American Muslims. In today’s video, CAIR senior civil rights attorney Gadeir Abbas discusses a pending case that underscores the unprecedented nature of the government’s blanket profiling of Muslims. 

Targeting Food Insecurity During COVID-19: Dar Al-Hijrah’s Drive-Thru Food Bank

With everything being forced to shut down in the past few weeks, organizations looking to provide charity have had to get creative. Dar Al-Hijrah, a mosque in Northern Virginia, has been able to provide food to its most vulnerable neighbors through outdoor drive-up/walk-up distributions, and volunteer deliveries.  The food drive takes place every Thursday from 9 […]

10 Tips for Parents Trying to Home School While Working from Home

By Abeer Shinnawi Many parents and guardians have been transitioning into the world of “teaching during covid-19” while simultaneously working from home and maintaining daily household functions.  To help you alleviate the stress of making it all work, here are some ideas to keep in mind on what is important to focus on with your […]

Practical Tips for Educating Your Child During COVID-19

No matter our individual schooling status, we have all found ourselves in completely new territory amid mass closures due to the current epidemic. Even seasoned home educators have had to make major adjustments in the absence of all the usual social outings, extracurriculars, and field trips. As one of those seasoned educators, I’d like to […]

Seven-Year-Old Muslim Delivers 6K in Medical Gear to Virginia Hospital

With many of his family members on the front line as healthcare workers, Zohaib Begg, a seven year old from Virginia, felt the need to help. Knowing that medical equipment was in low supply, he went to hotels in Virginia to ask for their shower caps and left with caps, gloves and face masks. Click here to […]

AR: Mosque Hands Out Free Gift Cards at Sam’s Club

A mosque in Arkansas sought to help people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis by handing out free Sam’s Club gift cards to impacted store patrons last weekend, according to KNWA/Fox 24, an Arkansas-based television station.  “If we can be the hub that people donate to and give to then we distribute these cards — I […]

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