Targeting Food Insecurity During COVID-19: Dar Al-Hijrah’s Drive-Thru Food Bank

With everything being forced to shut down in the past few weeks, organizations looking to provide charity have had to get creative. Dar Al-Hijrah, a mosque in Northern Virginia, has been able to provide food to its most vulnerable neighbors through outdoor drive-up/walk-up distributions, and volunteer deliveries.  The food drive takes place every Thursday from 9 […]

Seven-Year-Old Muslim Delivers 6K in Medical Gear to Virginia Hospital

With many of his family members on the front line as healthcare workers, Zohaib Begg, a seven year old from Virginia, felt the need to help. Knowing that medical equipment was in low supply, he went to hotels in Virginia to ask for their shower caps and left with caps, gloves and face masks. Click here to […]

AR: Mosque Hands Out Free Gift Cards at Sam’s Club

A mosque in Arkansas sought to help people impacted by the COVID-19 crisis by handing out free Sam’s Club gift cards to impacted store patrons last weekend, according to KNWA/Fox 24, an Arkansas-based television station.  “If we can be the hub that people donate to and give to then we distribute these cards — I […]

Paani: Navigating Humanitarian Aid in the Midst of Crisis

By Ayan Ajeen When trying to figure out how they could help during the COVID-19 crisis, a group of friends returned to the question that launched their journey towards humanitarian aid: how do you provide for a people with a history of experiencing disenfranchisement– a people failed by their government? Paani is a 501(c)3 nonprofit […]